General terms & conditions

New bikes must be picked up at the store (some exceptions for special sale items, as noted on listing). All sales are final, returns will not be accepted. Call the store for exceptions. For used bikes, Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, if applicable. Cost of shipping will be calculated at time of sale and added to agreed price of bicycle. No charge for packing -- will be done by a bike mechanic. Shipping only to the USA at at this time - no PO Boxes, AFP/APO and billing address must match shipping address. Call for a shipping quote to Alaska or Hawaii. 
Buyer is responsible for re-assembly -- recommend using a professional bike mechanic.
Seller has made every effort to accurately represent the item in pictures and description. Buyer agrees that he/she has all the information needed to make a purchasing decision. Used products are sold as-is, no refunds, no returns. New bikes come with standard manufacturer's warranty.
Buyer must make claim to shipper for damage or loss during transport. FOB Shipper.
Please make certain of your size, specifications and measurement requirements before ordering. No refunds for items that do not fit.
Buyer is responsible for any and all applicable sales or transaction taxes. Sales tax is applied for all Arizona transactions.
If, for any reason, dispute or claim, and item is sent back to seller, buyer is responsible for shipping costs both ways.
Seller makes no warranty and/or guarantee on fitness for use, condition, safety or life of product. Buyer assumes all risks of use. Follow original manufacturer’s safety and use requirements at all times.
Payment terms: payment in full prior to shipping, Paypal or credit card only.
In the event of dispute or claim, buyer agrees to mediation or arbitration in Maricopa County, Arizona and to be governed by the laws of Arizona.
Any warranties on the bicycle, parts, merchandise, or accessories, whether express or implied and including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to those offered by the manufacturer. Archer's Bikes disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, on the bicycle, parts, merchandise, or accessories.
The Buyer understands that using a bicycle has inherent risks of injury to the Buyer or others. Buyer certifies that he/she/they are fully competent and skilled to operate the bicycle under all conditions. The Buyer acknowledges that operating bicycles on trails and roads with or without other like vehicles and riders is a dangerous activity, with a high risk of serious bodily injury or death to Buyer/passengers/riders or others. Any liability for incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, direct or indirect damages, special or consequential damages including, but not limited to, damage or loss of other property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, cost of capital, cost of purchased or replacement goods or any claims of associates of the Buyer as a result of operation or use of the bicycle or merchandise is expressly disclaimed to the extent permissible by law. In any event, any and all claims for damages shall be limited to the value of the purchase price that gives rise to any liability. The Buyer, and by extension of the Buyer, any other operators/passengers/riders or others personally accept all risks and liabilities of any and all activity associated with the bicycle or merchandise. Buyer agrees to indemnify Archer's Bikes against any claims or liabilities as a result of this purchase, as well as any third-party claims that may arise as a result of Buyer's actions, even if this is a gift to others.
All in-store purchases may come with a special limited warranty. See store and purchase agreement for details.