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1 Electric Bikes
1.1 Just what is an electric bike?

The precise definition of a motorized bicycle is not well defined in Arizona. As well, every county, city or town may impose or interpret regulations differently. Generally, a motorized bicycle means a bicycle or tricycle that is equipped with a helper motor that has a maximum piston displacement of forty-eight cc or less (under 750 watts or one Hp), that may also be pedaled, and that is operated at speeds of less than twenty miles per hour. Over this limit would be a motorcycle, ATV, scooter or even a moped (moped laws usually revolve around a 28mph limit and additional equipment requirements - lights, horn, brake light, etc., but must have pedals as an option). Local law enforcement is always free to stop anyone that is operating a vehicle unsafely. It is ultimately up to the operator to ensure he or she is in compliance with the laws and regulations and are operating the vehicle in a safe manner. As with any vehicle, motorized or not, you must obey the traffic rules and laws, observing and yielding to traffic control lights and markings - and traveling in the same direction as traffic.

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